untitled (38,000 feet over Egypt)

(I arrived at the airport alone and realized that, when I returned, there would be no one there waiting. This reality dominated my thoughts during the flight and afterwards, when it was profoundly dark in my tent on the Serengeti. At one point I read off a monitor that the flight was 38000 feet over Egypt. “38000 feet over Egypt.” Those words were oddly meaningful and I found myself returning to them, repeating them.)

38,000 feet over Egypt.

There was no more acute,
perfect isolation
than that moment then.

There was no place more distant,
as inaccessible,
as imperceptible,
as inconceivable
as that place that moment then.

And though I have gone
and returned
I remain there.

38,000 feet over Egypt . . .
. . . in my bed tonight.

Creative Commons License
Untitled (38,000 feet over Egypt) by Robert Allen Mahaney is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

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