The role of social media in my life

Hmm . . . it is funny to think about the role of Facebook in my life. My last relationship lasted slightly over 2 years. In that time, we exchanged over 12,000 chat messages. That was an average of ~17 per day. I bet that this actually a low level of ‘chat intensity’ and that couples in their teens and twenties have a much higher rate. This is not counting pictures, posts intended for the other, etc.

The entire relationship was mediated, to a great degree, by FB. I only got started a FB page in order to initiate and then maintain this relationship. Now I am on my own, but I still have FB filling a weird role in my life. The neural circuit associated with rewarding social interaction is coupled with this social media platform!

And I don’t even really like FB. It is very conducive to the presentation of personality, in Goffman’s sense. But it is not useful for engaging anyone in an interesting exchange. In fact, that is highly innappropriate behavior! However, leaving FB does not seem to make sense . . . it is an integral part of our lives.

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