no. 15

I am this shadow lover,
this eternal present,
this one who does not exist
this one here with you here tonight
as you dream about someone past and . . .
and future?
I am not . . .
and you here are in my arms here tonight . . .
tonight does not exist
and this present that is isn’t
and only tomorrow is.

Where is the real there?
There is the real there . . .
in the mirage,
shimmering curtain behind eyes closed in sleep.
So much thirst, desire, thought.

I have come to know that . . .
that . . .
that there is nothing there that is that there. . .
Where is this real there?
There is this real there . . .
in this mirage there.
So much thirst here,
so much desire here,
so much thought here
and you are here,
here tonight,
in my arms.

I have come to know that
I know that I don’t understand that.

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